Call center for companies and citizens for information related to the economic and other measures regarding the COVID-19 crisis was established.

Today the government of the Republic of North Macedonia started the operation of the first Contact Center intended to support businesses and citizens with regard to the economic issues dealing with the crises due to the COVID-19. The companies and physical persons can use the telephone number 02/324-8040to be provided with all necessary information and clarification regarding the ways and opportunities for taking advantage of the economic and other measures of the state related to coping with the COVID-19 crisis.

02 324 8040

National Call Center for information related to the economic and other measures

At LIVE CallCenter – the contact line donated by Asseco Macedonia company, an expert team will be answering questions in Macedonian and Albanian language. The Call Center will be working from 08:00 until 17:00 from Monday to Friday and from 09:00 until 14:00 on Saturday.

For the purpose of facilitating the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia adopted a set of economic and other measures for the businesses and citizens. In order to get answers to unclear issues, they are invited to call this number.

Reminder: so far two sets of economic measures have been adopted by the government in order to increase liquidity of the businesses and preserve jobs.

In order to preserve as many jobs as possible, the following financial support is provided for companies and individual self-employed persons:

  • For distributing salaries, the companies will allocate 14.500 MKD per worker for the months of April and May.
  • Interest-free loans are provided for micro, small and medium size businesses.
  • 50% subsidy is introduced for the contributions the company is obliged to pay for their workers.
  • Minimum wage for sports workers and artists is provided.
  • Financial assistance is provided for craftsmen and self-employed individuals.

We have alleviated the obligations by the companies and citizens for the payment of their debts and obligations to the state.

  • The activities of the execution agencies have been terminated until the end of June.
  • Conditions have been created for delayed payment of loan installments for 3 to 6 months, which was supported by the banks with their offers.
  • Monthly advance payment of profit tax is exempt for April, May and June
  • The penalty interest on public taxes is reduced.
  • The obligatory default interest for legal and physical persons is reduced.
  • The ZAMP (Music and Copyright Association) payment obligations are frozen.
  • Bankruptcy procedures are terminated

For persons who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis, a number of support measures have been introduced:

  • In line with the Law on Employment and Insurance in Case of Unemployment, the citizens who have lost their jobs will be provided allocations through AVMP (Employment Agency) based on their working history.
  • The social care system has been accustomed to meet the rapid needs of the persons who have lost their jobs and were part of the informal economy in order to be entitled to the right of the guaranteed minimum assistance.

For the persons in social risk and beneficiaries of other social rights, the following measures have been adopted:

  • Additional payment of energy compensation for the months of April and May to about 30,000 beneficiaries has been provided.
  • The payment of the education add-on for the third and fourth quarter of the school year 2019/2020 shall continue without the certificate for regular class.
  • The deadlines for the submission of applications for one-time assistance for new-born children and compensations for third and fourth child are extended.
  • The social home beneficiaries are exempt from paying rent.

Measures related to paid vacation

  • The paid leave from work due to care and upbringing of a new-born and ан adopted child is extended until the end of the temporary measures.
  • The use of vacation leave in the private sector is obligatory.
  • The use of vacation leave in the public sector is obligatory.

Funds for assisting during COVID-19 crisis

  • The Fund for Tourism and Support for Tourist Activities has been established,
  • The Solidarity COVID-19 fund has been established.