At its 45th session held on 22 April 2020, the Government adopted the Decree with force of law for application of the Law on Postal Services during the state of emergency, which stipulates that for establishing order and discipline at the entrance, inside and at the exit of the facilities in which postal services are provided, for the duration of the state of emergency, the provisions of this Decree with the force of law shall apply.

In accordance with this Decree, the providers of postal services are obliged to provide security guards at the entrance, inside and at the exit of the facility in order to maintain the minimum required distance between persons outside and inside the facility, to ensure mandatory hand disinfection at the entrance of the facility and mandatory wearing of protective mask, scarf or shawl that cover the mouth and nose of the user of postal service entering the facility.

The providers of postal services are obliged to put appropriate signs to mark the direction of movement and observe the minimum required distance when users of postal services are waiting in line outside and inside the facility. The signs shall be placed at a distance of minimum two metres as follows: in front of each point/counter that the citizens approach to be provided with postal service, as well as in front of the entrance to the facility.

The Decree obliges the providers of postal services to perform preventive disinfection at least once a week in the facilities where postal services are provided.