Symptoms of Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The virus causes acute viral respiratory disease. Transmission is possible from person to person, through touch and droplets (sneezing, coughing, etc.).

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?


High temperature and fever


Heavy cough


Problems with breathing


How is COVID-19 transmitted?

The new respiratory Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is primarily transmitted through contact with an ill person i.e. through their secretions that spread through droplets when the ill person coughs or sneezes, through saliva or snot.

The disease can cause serious complications on different organs:

  • lungs
  • cardiovascular system
  • kidneys

The disease can vary from very easy to very complex form, with possible fatal outcome.


If you feel any of the symptoms, DO NOT go to see a doctor. Call your chosen GP or call on the given phones.



How dangerous is COVID-19?

As with other respiratory diseases the infection with COVID-19 may cause mild symptoms, including: runny nose, throat pains, cough and fever. Some persons may show more severe clinical conditions i.e. they may develop pneumonia or difficulties in breathing.


Can COVID-19 be transmitted from person to person?

Yes, COVID-19 causes respiratory disease and may be transmitted from person to person, usually after close contact with an ill person, for example, at home, at work or in a health institution.


Can COVID-19 be transmitted from a person that does not show symptoms?

According to currently available data, it is considered that persons infected with COVID-19 can spread the diseases before developing symptoms. However, the virus is most frequently spread by persons who show symptoms.


Who is exposed to developing severe symptoms of COVID-19?

Additional research should be made in order to give more precise information about how COVID-19 impacts people. According to available data, the elderly and people with previous diseases (diabetes, heart diseases etc.) are at greater risk to develop more severe symptoms.


How long COVID-19 stays on surfaces?

It is still not known how long COVID-19 stays on surfaces, although previous information suggests that the virus can survive for several hours. Simple disinfectants may destroy the virus and it cannot infect people.


Who may be infected with COVID-19?

People living or travelling in areas where COVID-19 circulates can be exposed to risk of infection.

Do you feel any symptoms?

Call your selected GP or:

0800 002 03

National Info Call Center

PHI Skopje

PHC Veles

RU Gostivar

HI Skopje

PHC Kochani

RU Gevgelija

PHC Skopje

PHC Kumanovo

PHC Bitola

PHC Ohrid

PHC Tetovo

PHC Prilep

PHC Shtip

PHC Strumica


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