How to properly self-isolate?

The self-isolation is a selective measure, one of the best, for protection of the population from additional spreading of the Coronavirus and the disease COVID-19.

All passengers coming from the medium- and high-risk countries must be in self-isolation for 14 days in their homes and to report to the authorities should they feel any symptoms.

Sanctions will be imposed for all people who will violate the mandatory self-isolation measure!

How to properly self-isolate?

To all passengers (adult and children) coming from the risk countries of COVID-19, in pursuance to the recommendations issued by the Infectious Diseases Committee within the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, self-isolation at home is recommended for 14 days as of the day they had entered the Republic of North Macedonia. For the contacts of positive cases with COVID-19, the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate has issued decisions for health surveillance and domestic isolation.

Isolation at home means 24 hours stay at home in the course of 14 days:


Stay at home:

Stay at hope, except in case of emergency. If possible, work from home.


Avoid close contact

Stay away from the others, stay in different rooms. Regularly aerate the rooms.


Use separate toilets

If at disposal, use separate toilets/baths. Otherwise, regularly disinfect the shared one.


Use separate utensils

Avoid sharing household objects, such as towels, bedding, glasses, utensils.


Avoid contact with delivery people

If you order food/products through delivery, assign another member of the family to pick them up; avoid contact with delivery people.


Keep distance

Stay at a safe distance from others, at least 2 meters.


Disinfect regularly

Clean the areas in the home that you use most frequently.


Follow the recommendations

Follow the recommendations for prevention issued by the health institutions.

Check if you have the symptoms?

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

First symptoms that apear in patients with the Coronavirus are:


High temperature and fever


Heavy cough


Problems with breathing

Do you feel any symptoms?

Call your selected GP or:

0800 002 03

National Info Call Center

PHI Skopje

PHC Veles

RU Gostivar

HI Skopje

PHC Kochani

RU Gevgelija

PHC Skopje

PHC Kumanovo

PHC Bitola

PHC Ohrid

PHC Tetovo

PHC Prilep

PHC Shtip

PHC Strumica