Measures of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Here you can find the key measures downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for fighting against COVID-19.

Transit of cargo traffic during curfew throughout the country

For the duration of the curfew transport vehicles can move within the frames of the transit procedure with a transit accompanying document T1, export of goods with export accompanying document EHMK, as well as a joint transit procedure.

The carriers who move within the frames of a simplified procedure in transit and simplified procedure, local customs, in import procedure cannot leave the approved location for the duration of the curfew.

This exemption from the limits will be valid for the customs subsidiaries: Tabanovce, Blace, Deve Bair, Kjafasan, Delchevo, Novo Selo, Bogorodica and Medzitlija. Within CEFTA, together with the Transport Secretariat of the EU and the European Commission, protocols are agreed for easy and safe movement of goods.

It is foreseen to introduce exchange of information before the arrival and appropriately green and blue channel for faster flow of certain goods and alleviation of transport.


The request for permit for professional drivers of cargo vehicles for entrance on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia must contain the following data:

– Basic data for the applicant company (name, address, contact telephone);
– Exact number of permits requested;
– Personal data of drivers for each permit individually;
– For each requested permit, countries where transport of goods will be conducted, must be stated;
– To state the number of days for which the goods will be transported.

Due to the severity of the situation, please take into consideration that permits shall not be issued directly in the premises of the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, but through:

– Association of carriers “Makam Trans” – Skopje
e-mail: Info@makamtrans.org.mk Telephone: 078/392-020, 070/695-216, 077/817-463, 078/399-019
– СИЗ Македонија Сообраќај АМЕРИТ, ул 506 бр.22 Момин Поток, Скопје.

Contact person: Olivera Miovska, Email: olivera@amerit.org.k Telephone: 071/390-099
Other associations of professional drivers who would like to include in the process of mediation for permits, should contact the assigned persons in the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate.

For all additional information, you can contact the following persons in the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate:
– Rametula Sefa, telephone: 076/445-996, e-mail: rametula.sefa@zdravstvo.gov.mk
– Chedomir Stefanovski, telephone: 078/328-900, e-mail: cedomir.stefanovski@zdravstvo.gov.mk

For all additional information you can contact the Ministry of Transport and Communications:

Elena Atanasovska

Мail: elena.atanasovska@mtc.gov.mk, 076 484 084

Sashko Edrovski

Sasko.edrovski@mtc.gov.mk, 075 363 345

Procedures in the chain of loading/unloading and transport of goods in international and internal transport

Measures for protection from dissemination of the COVID-19 must be implemented by all participants in the chain of delivery of goods to the end user in order to comply with all recommendations for personal and collective responsibility because the process of transport is the basic precondition for alleviation of the consequences from the given situation i.e. the pandemics.

Transport of goods is a precondition for keeping the normal functioning of the certain economy in conditions of crisis. The measures that are to be undertaken and complied with can be found on the following link:

Information on border crossings

All border crossings in the Republic of North Macedonia are closed for crossing of foreign citizens – passengers and vehicles, except for entrance and transit of cargo vehicles, for representatives of diplomatic corps in the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as for other persons for whom the MoI will issue a permit upon a previous opinion given by the GCCS that will confirm that there is a special national or economic interest.

These cargo vehicles and persons will enter the Republic of North Macedonia following special rules for protection in pursuance with the Protocol of the Ministry of Health.

Both passenger airports in Skopje (International Airport Skopje) and in Ohrid (St. Paul the Apostle) are closed.

Entrance in the Hellenic Republic is allowed only for their citizens and foreigners-resident in the Hellenic Republic.

The cargo transport will be normal except in the period of 21:00 – 05:00 hours when the traffic for cargo vehicles for entrance and exit in/to the Hellenic Republic will be forbidden, whereas in the other parts of the day it will continue normally.

In the Republic of Kosovo – all border crossings are closed, except for citizens of Kosovo. Besides the ban for entrance of foreigners in Kosovo, the cargo traffic will continue normally for both entrance and exit.

In the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Serbia as of 16.03.2020 entrance for all foreigners is forbidden, including our citizens, whereas the cargo traffic will be conducted normally.

Information about air-carriers

Regarding all air-lines we hereby ask all passengers to inform of the restrictions introduced by the countries of their destination, as well as with their company:

Swiss Airlines:

Qatar Airways:

Pegasus Airlines:

Fly Dubai:


Wizz Air:

Turkish Airlines:

Website of the International Airport Skopje:http://skp.airports.com.mk/

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