Measures of the Ministry of Defence

Here you can find the key measures undertaken by the Ministry of Defence for fighting against COVID-19.

Recommendations of the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence limits the number of meetings with outside parties – the communication will be conducted via telephone, e-mail or video-conference call.

A decision was made for the number of meetings with outside parties to be minimal. The decision was made to eliminate each possibility for dissemination of the Coronavirus.

Everyone who needs to contact the Ministry of Defence, can use the following Emails or telephones:

  1. dragan.karulovski@mod.gov.mk – 02 328 2539
  2. besim.hasalari@mod.gov.mk – 02 328 2535

If it is absolutely necessary to have a meeting with outside parties due to the operations of the Ministry, the meeting will be made using a video-conference call.

We appeal to our associates to comply with the preventive measures adopted by the Government, so that we can do anything in our power to prevent dissemination of COVID-19 in the country.

In that regard, all heads of organizational units and authorized officers in the Ministry of Defence are assigned to present the above-mentioned measures and activities adopted by the Ministry of Defence to all external entities with whom they have daily communication and to ask them for understanding of the current situation.

Measures undertaken by the Ministry

The Ministry adopted a decision to cancel all business trips of employees (conferences, meetings, training, courses) in the high- and medium-risk countries.

Everyone who were previously on a business trip, before this decision was made, upon their return to the country, they shall stay in isolation at home for 14 days.

At the moment no members of the Army are engaged for military practise in risk countries.

In order to eliminate each possibility for dissemination of the virus, the Ministry of Defence limited the number of meetings with outside parties – the communication will be conducted using telephone, Email or video-conference call.

An order was delivered to all command units to regularly conduct preventive hygiene measures, to constantly clean and disinfect the premises, the students from the Military Academy are exempt from classes, regular disinfection is performed in the buses used for transport of all members of the Army.

By order of the Chief of Staff, the Commander of the Military Medical Center must be informed for the developments in the Army and to be ready for contact nad possible cooperation with the health institutions in the country.

The epidemiologists in the Military Medical Center are obligated to monitor the health condition of the members of the Army and to control the implementation of the preventive measures for eliminating the danger of virus dissemination.

The Ministry and the Army implement all preventive measures imposed by the Government. The Army is operational, totally functional and ready in case of a need, to put its capacities at disposal of the citizens and their protection.

Measures of the Ministries

What are the ministries doing for the fight with COVID-19 disease caused by the new Coronavirus?

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