The government adopted a packet of Measures for dealing with the crisis in order to preserve as many jobs as possible of the citizens and assist the economy of the country.

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Measure 1 – The state is helping preserve jobs. It allocated 14,500 MKD per month for employees for the months of April and May for companies gravely stricken by the crisis or 50% of the costs for contributions for each employee

The main measure from the economic package is the direct assistance in the amount of 14.500 denars a month for each employee, for the months of April and May, from all companies affected by the crisis.

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia adopted a Decree with force of law amending the Decree with force of law to financially support employers from the private sector affected by the health-economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus, in order to pay salaries for the months of April and May 2020.

Преземи презентација за мерката.

Преземи го Барањето за финансиска поддршка на работодавач од приватниот сектор заради исплата на платите за месеците април и мај 2020 година.

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Measure 2 – Assistance for athletes – 14,500 MKD per month for the months of April and May for athletes and sports workers in order to preserve jobs

This financial support is provided by the Budget of the Republic of North Macedonia and is paid based on the status of the employed person or the person with a service contract agreement in clubs and national sports federations, which have the approval for performing a sports activity.

A Decree with force of law, which amends The decree  with force of law for  financial  support  for  athletes, sports workers and sports administration during the state of emergency.

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Measure 3 - Assistance for artists

The Ministry of Culture will provide a minimal salary for the months April and May, as well as contributions, for 141 individual artists.

Прочитај ја во целост Уредбата со законска сила за финансиска поддршка на самостојните уметници за време на вонредната состојба.

Measure 4 – Cash compensation for citizens who have been left without work due to the crisis, based on their working history registered at the Employment Agency

An unemployed person who has been continuously employed for at least nine months or 12 months with a break in the last 18 months has the right to monetary compensation.

A  Decree with force of law on the implementation of The law on employment and insurance against unemployment during a state of emergency was adopted.

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Measure 5 – All elected and nominated officials will receive a minimum salary of 14,500 MKD for April and May 2020

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia adopted a Decree with force of law amending the Decree with force of law to determine the amount of the salary for the elected and appointed persons in the public sector during the state of emergency.

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Measure 6 – The presidents and members of Managing Boards and Steering Committees of public institutions shall not receive the compensation for their activities during the crisis period

The Presidents and the members of the management and supervisory boards of public institutions from executive and local government, as well as the presidents and members of the municipal councils and presidents and members of commissions established by the executive and local government who, at the same time, are employed, will not receive any compensation for the duration of the crisis. This decision will be valid until the Government adopts a decision for its termination.

This measure does not refer to people who are unemployed and for whom this is the single source of income.

Донесена е Уредба со законска сила за изменување и дополнување на Уредба со законска сила за ограничување на исплата на додатоци и надоместоци на плата за вработените во јавниот сектор.

Measure 7 – The state takes care of the people working in the grey economy who are left without any income due to the crisis. It provides cash assistance for households and energy compensation for social protection beneficiaries

The minimum guaranteed assistance for April and May will be determined based on the total average amount of all income of all household members on all grounds calculated only from the last month, instead of the last three months.

A Decree with force of law on the implementation of the Law on Social Protection during a state of emergency was adopted.

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Measure 8 – The Law on Execution is terminated until June

The Law on Enforcement is suspended until the end of June. The enforcement agents are obligated to stop undertaking any executive actions.

The employers of the debtors and payment operations carriers are obligated to suspend their activities upon orders issued by enforcement agents until the end of June. This will not be valid only in cases when the money has already been deposited to the enforcement agents’ accounts and they will be able to transfer the money to the creditors in cases when this involves alimony for a child of single parents.

This measure is already ongoing.

Measure 9 – The bank loans payment is terminated

The National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia (NBRNM) had changed the Decision for Methodology on Credit Risk Management in order to adopt special provisions due to alleviating the consequences of COVID-19.

In order to conduct the activities adopted in the Decision and referring to activities of the banks for postponing of repayments, reprograming and agreements between the banks and their clients during the crisis caused by COVID-19, the Ministry of Finance and NBRNM, in cooperation with the Macedonian Banking Association, had prepared a Regulation on the method of changing the contractual conditions of loan exposure within banks and saving banks, that defines the method of conducting the changes. This Regulation was adopted on a governmental session that took place on 26.03.2020.

This regulation enables the banks to easy and simply postpone the loans of their clients without annexes or physical presence in the banks.

The banks will provide the legal entities with beneficial terms, such as postponement of repayments, reprogramming, grace period, beneficial interest rate etc., while with the individuals, the banks will postpone repayments of installments from 3 to 6 months.

Each bank will adopt a decision with their supervisory boards and will inform their clients.

Measure 10 – The installments due to be paid to finance associations and leasing companies are reduced and the loans are reprogrammed

This measure foresees reprograming the loans of individuals by decreasing the installments in the following three months by 70% of the installment and continuation of the repayment deadline by at least 90 days as of the moment it became due.

For the loans of legal entities decisions will be made individually by proposing most appropriate benefits in pursuance with the needs of the companies. New agreements for loans to be approved with 3 months of grace period. The legal penalty interest that so far was 51% is now decreased to 31% whereas the other costs which the companies collect are limited to 20% of the approved loan.

Measure 11 – The rent payment for the beneficiaries of social homes is delayed

The payment of lease for social homes will be postponed for all users, as well as the payment of lease for the citizens. Regarding the companies, a separate decree will be adopted.

Measure 12 – Additional interest-free loans for companies in the amount of new 8 million euro are provided

The Development Bank of North Macedonia beside 5.7 million will issue another 8 million non-interest loans for micro, small and medium enterprises for which the company may apply depending on the number of employees.

The maximum amount of the loan that will be approved to the loan user cannot be higher than 5,535,000 MKD i.e. 90,000 EUR whereas the minimal amount of the loan cannot be lower than 184,500 MKD i.e. 3,000 EUR.

The loans will be approved with a repayment deadline of up to 3 years, grace period included of 12 months for the purpose of working capital. The repayment of the loan by the loan-user will be made quarterly.
The loans bear no interest and not administration costs. The loans will be secured with a B/E availed by one of the owners of the loan-user in the form of notary act and with an executive clause.

Measure 13 – 50 million euro cheap credit finance from the Development Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia are provided through the commercial banks in order to protect the company liquidity

Within the frames of the ongoing agreement for loan between the DVRNB and the EIB, we enable use of beneficial loans intended for small and medium enterprises.

The primary objective of this credit line is to secure fresh capital for support of new projects, new jobs, increased liquidity of the economy and increased export. The Development Bank places this credit line through the business banks to the end users i.e. small and medium enterprises and companies with medium market capitalization.

Within the frames of this Agreement the Development Bank has an opportunity to withdraw the unused part of the credit line in the amount of 50 million EUR with a low interest rate in pursuance with applications delivered by the business banks. Со цел надминување на проблемите кои произлегуваат од новонастанатата состојба со појава на вирусот COVID-19 кој директно го погодува работењето на малите и средните претпријатија, државата презема мерка со која ќе ја субвенционира каматната стапка на Развојната Банка кон ЕИБ.

Со оваа мерка, Развојната Банка на Република Северна Македонија ќе понуди на деловните банки за оваа линија да одат со пониски маргини и ќе може за кредитите да нудат каматни стапки од околу 1.5%.

Measure 14 – It is banned to open a bankruptcy procedure

During the crisis and 6 months after it, it is hereby forbidden to initiate bankruptcy procedures. This measure has already been adopted.

Measure 15 – It is obligatory to use the first part of the annual holiday

Mandatory use of the first part of the annual leave (for 2020) i.e. mandatory use of the annual leave from the last year by May 2020, as approved by the employer.

Донесена е Уредба со законска сила за примена на Законот за работните односи за време на вонредната состојба.

Measure 16 – A Solidarity Fund for COVID-19 is established.

The Government has announced a donations account to help and support the coronavirus crisis relief efforts

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Measure 17 – Royalties are reduced

Persons who are somehow engaged via author’s royaltyies agreements by the state institutions, but are also employed elsewhere, will be paid 50% lower honorarium compared to the agreement.

This measure will not apply if the person is unemployed and the incomes from the author’s royalties agreement are their single source of income.

Measure 18 – Unobstructed transport of goods and public transport is provided. The activities of the construction sector are facilitated during the period of crisis

The government adopted a decree with force of law for better organization of the transport sector and ensuring the smooth transport of goods, as well as, facilitation of the work of construction companies during the state of emergency.

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Measure 19 – Support for maintaining economic activities and export is provided

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia with the Customs Administration and all bodies have adopted specific measures in the field of cross-border trade and maintaining economic activity.

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Measure 20 – Financial support for April and May 2020 in the amount of 14,500 MKD is provided for self-employed individuals.
Measure 21 – Subsidies of 50% of the employee contributions in the sectors of tourism, transport and catering and other companies impacted by the crisis is provided.

Companies will receive subsidies for contributions for employees of companies in the sectors of tourism, transport, catering and other affected companies, for the months of April, May and June of 2020, with a subsidy for contributions for each employee of up to 50% of the average salary paid in 2019.

A Decree with force of law for subsidizing the payment of compulsory social security contributions during a state of emergency. 

Download it The request for subsidizing the amount for payment of compulsory social security contributions.

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Measure 22 – The retail sale prices of lemon, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and clementine are frozen.

According to  The decision on special conditions for trade in certain goods  the highest trade margin of these products is determined for trade companies and sole proprietorship, which was implemented in the period from 1 January 2020 to 11 March 2020 when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

According to the decision this margin shall be valid until 30 April 2020.

This decision is aimed at overcoming the abuse of the current market situation and to protect consumers in the face of increased market demand for these products and to return the price to normal.

Measure 23 – The export of wheat and flour is banned.

In order not to disturb the market conditions and provide sufficient quantities of flour in the country in conditions of increased market demand for these products and in conditions of limited import of flour, the Government adopted a  Decision amending the Decision to limit exports  of wheat and wheat flour  with tariff codes 1001 19 00 00, 1001 91 90 00 and 1001 99 00 00 and 1101 00. 

The export restriction referred to in Article 1 of this Decision shall apply until 30 April 2020, with the possibility of extension if the condition of the pandemic requires.

Measure 24 – Freezing, prolonging and reprogramming of loans for citizens and companies impacted by the crisis is enacted.

A Decree with force of law on the manner of amending the contractual  conditions  of  credit  exposures  at  banks  and  savings houses which enables banks and savings houses in many ways to ease the financial burden on citizens and companies affected by the corona crisis, was adopted.

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Measure 25 – Releasing from the payment of the amount for personal income advance payment and the amount for payment of profit tax for the months of March, April and May 2020 is enacted

The exemption from payment of profit tax advance payments refers to legal entities from the catering, tourism or transport industry and other tax payers which have suffered damages in their work due to the implementation of measures for dealing with COVID – 19.

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