At the 45th session of the Government of Republic of North Macedonia held on 22 April 2020 a Decree with force of law for implementation of the Law on banks during curfew was adopted. It stipulates that the provisions of this Decree shall apply with regards to maintaining order and discipline upon entrance and exit of clients in the premises of the banks and savings houses. 

Pursuant to this Decree the banks and savings houses are obliged to organize security guards at the entrance and exit of their facility in order to provide for the minimum required distance between the persons waiting outside and inside the facility. They have to provide for the necessary hand disinfection at the entrance and not allow entrance into the facility to persons that fail to wear the necessary protection masks, scarves or shawls which will protect their mouth and nose.

The banks and savings houses are obliged to place appropriate signs which mark the direction of movement and preserve the required minimum distance of two meters both inside and outside while waiting to be served in front of any window, where the customers need to approach for using their financial services, as well as in the diameter of 10 meters at the entrance of the facility.

Pursuant to this Decree banks and savings houses are obliged to provide their employees who work in their premises or have contact with clients with protective equipment (gloves and masks), which they are obliged to wear during all working hours. 

The Decree stipulates that banks and saving houses are not allowed to have at a time:

  • more than 5 persons in a facility of 50 square meters;
  • more than 10 persons in a facility of 50 to 100 square meters;
  • more than 15 persons in a facility of 100 to 200 square meters, and
  • more than 20 persons in a facility of more than 200 square meters.